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Sherlock & Co. Solicitors

Sherlock & Co. Solicitors was established in 1984 with the aim of providing high quality legal services to the Clondalkin and greater Dublin area.

Since the establishment of our firm we have grown with the surrounding Community. This growth has been marked by expansion of the firm over time and culminated in our move to our current offices at Trustee House in the heart of Clondalkin village.

During this time we have not only gauged our success by the expansion of our firm in size but also by the number of repeat clients returning to us over the years; Client satisfaction has always been of the utmost importance to our firm and we feel the volume of this repeat business to our firm demonstrates the quality of service that we provide and our clients have come to expect; indeed in many cases we are now dealing with the children and grandchildren of our original clientele.

Moving forward our firm aims to remain at the forefront of legal practices and to build on our years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing a compassionate, reliable and high quality service to our clients at a reasonable and affordable price.

* Please note that in contentious business, such as personal injury, or medical negligence claims, a solicitor cannot calculate their fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.