It is an obvious fact that the legal needs of the average person will differ from those of a corporation or multi-national company.

Sherlock & Co. Solicitors has a strong tradition in aiding the everyday citizen in matters that are important to them.

In many cases our returning clients have been so satisfied with our service that we have been re-hired for any further legal matters they have faced.

Regularly we become considered “family solicitors”, aiding not just our original client but their entire family.

We have attempted to list our practice areas below, however this list is by no means definitive. Please do not hesitate to contact our firm should you have any legal queries.


Why choose us

Friendly Service

When dealing with important legal matters here at Sherlock & Co. we will do our utmost to make you feel relaxed and confident as to how you file is being managed. Our staff will be available to take your call and answer any queries you may have.


With decades of experience practising Law in the Republic of Ireland our firm feels that we will be able to aid our clientele in any legal matter that may face them.

Frank and open discussion

In many cases the most central concerns of a client are: Cost, Time frame and the likelihood of success. At Sherlock & Co. we will address these matters with you in an open and friendly manner, taking into consideration your needs and advising you as to the best way to achieve your goals.


Here at Sherlock & Co. Solicitors we are very much aware of the importance of client satisfaction. Our best advertising is the word of mouth of previous clients. We feel that it is our dedication to our clients and their needs that has allowed our firm to thrive. As such we aim to maintain this level dedication to all present and future clients.

* Please note that in contentious business, such as personal injury, or medical negligence claims, a solicitor cannot calculate their fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.