Sherlock & Co. Solicitors offers our clients a diligent, professional and cost effective service when it comes to buying and selling property.

As a purchaser:
Sherlock & Co. Solicitors will help you navigate the potential mine field of Conveyancing mishaps, ensuring that what you are purchasing is exactly what you think it is. The old saying “let the buyer beware” still very much applies when purchasing property and we at JSherlock & Co. make it our business to ensure you that you get what you are paying for.

As a Vendor:
Sherlock & Co. Solicitors will do our utmost to close your sale in a timely manner. We understand that sales may need to be moved along as quickly as possible or co-ordinated with the purchase of a new property. In all circumstances we aim to facilitate our clients and ensure their Sale is carried out in a manner that suits them best.

For a friendly quote in relation to your property purchase/sale please do not hesitate to phone our offices.