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It is common for bicyclists in Dublin to be outnumbered by various heavy-traffic vehicles such as mass transport buses, scooters buzzing around, and pedestrians swarming the streets. Bicycle crashes often occur spontaneously, and they can be particularly stressful events.

According to Ireland’s cycling crash figures, bicycle crashes are surprisingly common and illustrate how many bicyclists experience life-threatening hazards.

Compensatory damages may be available to compensate for the injury or the property you lose as a result of someone else’s negligence:

  • Loss in salaries
  • Out-of-pocket treatment costs
  • The death of a loved one
  • Suffering and discomfort

It is also possible that you would be entitled due to other punitive damages. Contact Sherlock and Co Solicitors Dublin today to discuss.

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Who is to be held accountable for a crash involving a bicycle in Ireland?

The simple response is: It depends on whose fault the cycling crash happened.

A skilled cycling crash solicitor will weigh the following critical considerations when assessing blame in a bicycle accident:

The laws of the road determine who has the right-of-way. Traffic signals are used to communicate who has the right of way. An example of this is when the driver who appears at a stop sign first gets the right-of-way. It is, however, common for both a driver and a bicyclist to appear at a stop sign at the same time.  Right-of-way rules should be followed, or responsibility is created. Has anybody missed a hand signal? A driver who fails to signal or who fails to use proper hand signals may be found responsible for the bicycle crash. Did night lighting meet the requirement? Cars and bicyclists must use adequate lighting while traveling at night. Liability will occur if the action is not taken. Wouldn’t it be important to add a cycling lane to a street? Cycle lanes are primarily for the convenience of bicyclists. The driver or owner of any car seen driving or parking in or obstructing a bike lane can be held responsible.
Under Irish law, no drivers are allowed to travel inside a bike path. Drivers who injure bicyclists in bike lanes are often held accountable.

Negligence is typically a form of irresponsible or reckless conduct on behalf of a driver in association with bicycle accidents. This suggests that if a driver was reckless and caused harm to a bicyclist, they would be responsible for any accidents and damage that might have been incurred.

What is driver inattention Bicycle Accident Solicitors?

Bicycle accidents arising from driver incompetence are often exemplified by the following:

  • Being on a phone
  • Violating the speed limit
  • Losing focus on a bike lane
  • Acting against traffic rules or signals
  • Using drugs or drinks when driving a motor vehicle
  • Failing to see a bicyclist while making a left turn towards him/her
  • Failing to provide bicyclists with three feet of clearance to properly manoeuvre

Inadequate driving activity is not only unsafe but also against the rules. When driving a vehicle, all motorists have a civil duty of care. This assumes that a driver who drives a vehicle irresponsibly and does not exercise due caution will be held responsible for causing a bicycle crash.

It is important that you are able to show that negligence was the main cause of the injury in a cycling crash. Three of the main characteristics of negligence may be taken into account in assessing negligence in Ireland:
The driver owes the bicyclist a duty of responsibility, and violated this obligation through incompetence. Were these factors the primary cause of the injury.


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If I find myself involved in a bike crash, what do I do?

Follow the guidelines below if you’ve been in a cycling crash, and it will help you protect your civil rights and collect the full payout for your injury.

Don’t move. Even if no one has been injured, you should never leave the scene of an accident before Gardai arrive.

It is better not to chat. Regardless of who is at fault, it is important that you do not apologise or even imply who is to blame. Speak about the crash only if law enforcement officers ask you about it.

Call 999. Ensure that responding officers complete an official account of your cycling crash, it is important that you inquire as to whether or not they’ve already done so. Be sure to express all the symptoms, even though they appear minor. Gather contact and witness records. Let anybody involved in the accident know your full name, address, phone number… If witnesses are present, get information from them, if necessary. Ensure that you log all that occurred, including the time and date, including any applicable road or weather conditions. The more photos of the crash scene, your bicycle, and any accidents you have, the better.

Create an appointment with a doctor. The quicker you see a doctor, the better. Your health should be your number one concern. In other words, until you visit a doctor, the other party’s insurance provider will assert that you didn’t even get injured. Without a full medical report of your injuries, it will be very difficult to prove the severity of your injuries.

Consult Sherlock and Co Bicycle Accident Solicitors. A trained Dublin cycling accident solicitor is strongly recommended for dealing with the difficult problems and tight deadlines involved with bicycle crashes.

Bicycle Accident Solicitors, After a cycling accident, who can I sue?

If you were injured or sustained property damage in a cycling crash, the liable parties would have to compensate the expenses. In order to recover money owed to you, the first move is to file a personal injury complaint.

Please promptly call an expert Sherlock and Co Bicycle Accident Solicitors to find out whether you are entitled to file a personal injury claim to seek coverage for your injuries.

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Am I entitled to file a complaint if I was in a cycling crash caused by a defective bicycle?

Bicycle accidents often occur because of a damaged bicycle or bicycle component. A survivor of an accident will have to file a liability lawsuit for damages. A possible example of a cycling injury allegation may be where the brakes on a bicycle break and a bicyclist crashes and is injured. Neither the bicyclist nor another driver is liable in this situation. Product liability cases are different from personal injury claims because wounded bicyclists do not have to show wrongdoing on the part of the company in order to receive reimbursement. Was there:

  • Defects in the design
  • Defects of production
  • Failure to report faults

Product liability claims are a somewhat difficult procedure due to the need for costly expert reviews and evidence to show that the product was faulty in the first place. You can recover damages if you show that you were injured as a result of a defective bicycle or bicycle part:

  • The product was used under appropriate parameters
  • A damaged bicycle was marketed by the bicycle company.
  • When the product left the factory, it was still faulty.
  • Damage was caused by the faulty product

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