Defamation Solicitors

Sherlock and Co. Defamation Solicitors According to the Irish Court Service, the number of defamation lawsuits has increased significantly in recent years, with social media regarded to be a key driver in this growth. Whereas main stream media is normally subject to certain checks and balances prior to publication, social media enables users to [...]

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Probate Litigation

Individuals choose to contest Wills, Trusts, and Estates for a variety of reasons and probate litigation may need to take place. Typically, this is due to worries regarding the legitimacy of the Will or suspicions that the executor behaved carelessly or unlawfully. It may also arise when someone is not designated as a beneficiary [...]

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Accidents At Work

Compensation for Accidents at work. Each employer is required to create a safe working environment for his employees. If you have been hurt at work in an accident that you think was not your fault, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim. Additionally, employees are required to use reasonable care to [...]

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Back To School Giveaway

***Competition now Closed - Like our Social Pages for more Competitions*** To celebrate the launch of our new website we have a Back to School Giveaway! 1st Prize 👉 iPad WIFI 32GB 2nd Prize 👉 €100 Voucher To enter:  like our Facebook and/or Instagram page  like and share our competition posts on our social [...]

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Workplace Bullying in Ireland

Workplace Bullying is frequent indecent behaviour at work that violates your right to dignity. It normally happens over a long period of time. It can be carried out by one or many people and is intended to make an individual or a group feel inferior to others. Bullying can take many forms, including verbal, [...]

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What is the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB)?

An independent regulatory body concerned with personal injury cases is the Personal Injuries Review Board (PIAB). All applications for personal injuries in Ireland must be made to the PIAB (except in cases involving medical negligence). The PIAB makes an impartial review of claimants for physical injuries for compensation after incidents affecting road travel, occupational or [...]

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Probate Solicitor to Execute your Will

When drafting a Will, it is essential that one obtains legal advice. Wills, statistically, tend to be an area of law where many lay persons will “give it a go” themselves. This can have drastic consequences when it comes time to deal with a person’s Estate upon their death. Wills have a very specific [...]

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Selling a home – Sherlock Solicitors Clondalkin

Selling a home can be complicated without having the proper representation. If your transaction is not carefully organised, what might appear to be an easy, straightforward transaction may face unexpected delays and setbacks. It is necessary to have your solicitor engaged at the earliest possible opportunity as this allows your solicitor to obtain your [...]

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Co-Parenting and Family Law

Family Law Cases which involve child custody can be stressful, time consuming, and challenging to handle. Parents will usually try to do what is best for their child or children, but sometimes they may be unsure how this can fit in with their family law case. When considering child custody in the context of [...]

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