Clinical Negligence – What Is It?

Clinical or Medical negligence is defined as any activity taken by medical personnel or members of the hospital/clinic staff that falls below an acceptable level of care and directly results in damage or disease, or causes a person’s health to suffer as a result.

Liability for Clinical Negligence Claims

In order to pursue a personal injury claim, the harm must have been caused by the carelessness of someone who owed you a duty of care at the time and under the circumstances of the accident. It is self-evident that a physician has a responsibility of care to his patient. It is critical to highlight, however, that in contrast to other types of personal injury claims, such as tripping or falling on public pathways, it may be difficult to establish the doctor’s or hospital’s negligence when an injury occurs, a sickness is contracted, or a misdiagnosis is made.

How can we assist?

Sherlock and Co Solicitors has a experienced solicitor teams that cover all Clinical Negligence cases. We will evaluate whether you have a legitimate legal claim and if, on the merits of your individual case, you have a reasonable chance of succeeding in Court.

The team will take great attention with your case and may seek medical reports and other relevant details. Contact Sherlock and Co Solicitors today on 01 457 0846 or email to discuss your Medical negligence case in confidence.