Family Law Cases which involve child custody can be stressful, time consuming, and challenging to handle. Parents will usually try to do what is best for their child or children, but sometimes they may be unsure how this can fit in with their family law case.

When considering child custody in the context of a family law action, there are the dos and don’ts. Please note that every case is different, and the following should not be considered independent legal advice unless specifically advised to you by a solicitor from our firm that same is directly applicable to you.


Co-parenting with your ex will, in most cases, help your children and has the added bonus of removing a complicated element from the surrounding family law case. This will then have the further effect of potentially lessening your solicitor fees – the less complicated the case, the lower the fees (in general).
Co-Parenting will also signify to the court that you are doing everything in your power to make a custody work with your ex.
Co-parenting requires a large degree of co-operation between the parties. While this can be difficult in some circumstances it is an approach that should always be considered.


Speaking poorly in front of your child about your ex can lead the judge to doubt how genuine your attempts to promote contact between your child and your ex really are. Refrain from talking badly about your ex, if anything, because this individual is also the other parent of your child that your child loves.

DO CONSIDER Participating in Counselling with YOUR CHILD. 

For children, divorce and breakup can be difficult to accept. It is all too normal for kids to internalise differences and think it is their fault somehow. Having a neutral third party to speak to about your feelings will be good for you and your kids.


When attempting co-parenting be sure you consult with your ex about the calendar of your kids. Include meetings and school events, extra-curricular activities, and medical appointments. Ideally both parents should jointly make important choices about the life of their child, including health, education, and religious decisions. Be sure to give your ex the extra-curricular events and sports schedules for your kid, report cards, parent teacher meetings dates, etc. Going the extra mile to share details will usually facilitate a good working co-parent relationship between exes and support your children in the process.

Be careful as to what you are sharing on social media.

Nothing ever really disappears from the web. Be respectful of what you are sharing to your pages on social media. Social media messages are fair game in a family law trial and could come back to haunt you.

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