Dublin Family Law Solicitors – Clondalkin

A family connection breakup is stressful for everyone involved, including parents, children, and extended relatives. If you’ve arrived to our website in response to a stressful family issue that needs legal aid, you can rely on the Sherlock and Co Family Law Solicitors team to listen to your concerns and provide sound advice.

We have expertise resolving a variety of family law concerns, including the following:-

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Guardianship
  • Maintenance
  • Access privileges
  • Non Marital Relationship Mediation

We take a personal approach to Family Law, wishing to assure you if you find yourself in need of a solicitor; that we are on your side. With sensitivity and compassion, we rely on our expertise to provide practical counsel and guidance throughout the legal procedure in order to find a resolution that has the least effect on all family members.

Avoid attempting to deal with a tough family matter on your own. By speaking with us at Sherlock and Co Family Law Solicitors, you will have a better understanding of the possibility of resolving the matter.

Contact us online or phone 01 457 0846 to organise an appointment, or send an email to info@SherlockSolicitors.ie.