Medical negligence is an instance of substandard treatment given to a patient which directly caused them injury or which made their current condition worse. Medical Negligence or errors may happen by means of misdiagnosis, inappropriate medication, or surgical mistakes.

Medical negligence is characterised as any action taken by medical professionals or members of the hospital/clinic staff that falls below an appropriate standard of care and causes injury or disease, or causes a person’s health to deteriorate as a result.

Essential to any claim for medical negligence is obtaining the opinions of the correct medical experts to support your claim.
Sherlock and Co Solicitors has well a established network of contacts within the medical community, both in Ireland and abroad, that are essential in successfully executing any claim for medical negligence. When something goes wrong, we know how difficult it can be to get facts and straight answers from the medical community; we can help to break down those walls of secrecy and expose the truth.

Making a demand for damages can appear overwhelming at first. However, Medical Negligence Solicitors at Sherlock and Co will educate you about the measures involved and the proper way to proceed. If you think you or a loved one has been injured, failed to completely recover from a routine treatment, or died as a result of a specialist’s action or inaction, please contact us. A professional negligence case against the specialist may be the appropriate course of action for you or a family member.

For more information and a confidential discussion on your medical claim, call Andrew Sherlock, Head Medical Solicitor, on 01 457 0846 to discuss your medical malpractice case or reach out via email to for a call back.