Individuals choose to contest Wills, Trusts, and Estates for a variety of reasons and probate litigation may need to take place. Typically, this is due to worries regarding the legitimacy of the Will or suspicions that the executor behaved carelessly or unlawfully. It may also arise when someone is not designated as a beneficiary or when someone believes they have not been appropriately cared for.

When settling a will or probate issue, you’ll need to designate an executor, sometimes referred to as an administrator. They’ll assist you in negotiating a settlement that benefits all parties concerned.


At Sherlock and Co Solicitors Clondalkin, we understand how distressing and difficult probate litigation can be. Professional assistance in contesting or defending Wills and Probate may make a significant impact at a time of grief.

Our skilled and compassionate solicitors will work to instil a feeling of peace in you through what may be a tumultuous period.

We’ll propose possible courses of action, ensure that you understand your rights, and provide an honest assessment of whether or not lawsuit is a viable choice. Additionally, we’ll provide you with information into your possibilities of success. Contact Sherlock and Co Solicitors Clondalkin today on 01 457 0846 or email to discuss.