Selling a home can be complicated without having the proper representation.
If your transaction is not carefully organised, what might appear to be an easy, straightforward transaction may face unexpected delays and setbacks.

It is necessary to have your solicitor engaged at the earliest possible opportunity as this allows your solicitor to obtain your title documents and prepare the necessary documentation in advance of a purchaser being found.
You are at risk of delays if you take action to sell your house before contacting your solicitor. This can have serious consequences if your purchaser has a time limit on their loan offer.
Contact Sherlock and Co Solicitors today for some friendly advice in this regard and to obtain a no obligation estimate of your costs:

Expedite the selling of your home.

Hiring our firm in advance of placing your property on the market will make the conveyancing process quicker and simpler. When hired in advance of a sale our firm can:

  • Obtain you title deeds from your bank – A process which can cause much delay.
  • Address predictable Pre-contract matters, for example – Local property tax
  • Analysis of title deeds to determine future problems, such as missing planning documentation for modifications or extensions.
  • “Whether and, if so, on what terms, you should accept an offer that is “subject to loan.”
  • Advice on whether you should agree to purchasing another home before closing the selling of your own home and, if so, what financial and other problems are involved.
  • Estimation of the gross costs and expenditures of the sale (including legal bills, VAT, other outlays) and estimation of the transaction expenditure.
  • Drafting of contracts in advance of going sale agreed

When a vendor’s solicitor is fully prepared in advance of finding a purchaser for their clients property it can reduce the stress and delays involved in such transactions.

At Sherlock and Co. Solicitors we will be happy to assist you in all your property requirements. Phone our offices now for a friendly chat and see if we can help.