Probate and Administration of an Estate:

“Probate” refers to the rules of Court relating to dealing with a deceased person’s property. Here at Sherlock and Co. Solicitors we offer a wealth of experience in matters of Probate and Wills.

Our Firm’s years of experience will help guide you through the process of obtaining the relevant authority (or “Grant”), to permit you to deal with the Estate of the deceased and shall assist you in dealing with ancillary matters such as:

  • Capital Acquisitions Tax
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Land Registry Applications
  • Compiling of Executor’s and Administrators Accounts

We understand that the loss of a loved one can make such matters difficult and we pride ourselves on offering a compassionate as well as professional service in such matters.

Probate Litigation

Our firm also understands that, unfortunately, an Estate can be the cause of much dispute and disagreements between family members.

Sherlock & Co. has the necessary experience in Probate and associated Probate Litigation to ensure that our clients are best advised on what a family member’s entitlements may be and, if necessary, to advise our clients on how best to ensure they obtain their entitlements from an Estate or protect an Estate from frivolous claims against the assets of the deceased.


The drafting of a Will is an area of Law where many people decide “to give it a go” themselves. Indeed it would seem a simple idea to leave instructions as to how your personal assets should be dealt with when you pass. This is not the case.

The wording of a will and the manner in which it is drafted and executed will have a huge impact on the way in which a person’s assets are dealt with upon their death. A poorly drafted will may have the effect of distributing assets in a manner that was not intended. In a worst case scenario, an improperly drafted will could potentially lead to the State being the sole beneficiary of a person’s assets.

Probate and Wills Solicitors Dublin

Here at Sherlock & Co. Solicitors we aim to draft a Will that meets your specific needs whilst simultaneously advising you of potential outcomes given the facts presented.

We also provide a safe deposit for our customers, allowing them to store their Will in our fireproof safe whilst retaining a copy for themselves.

This ensures that your will is not damaged or lost and may be retrieved at ease when the time comes.


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“Intestacy” refers to a situation where the deceased had no Will at the time of their death. In such cases it is very important to obtain legal advice as to who may be entitled to inherit in an intestate Estate. In Ireland, The Succession Act dictates who is entitled to inherit when there is no Will to refer to.


It is also important to note that liability for an improperly distributed Estate will usually rest with the Executor or Administrator of that Estate.
As such it is prudent to protect both the interests of the Estate and those in charge of it by hiring a firm of solicitors to ensure proper distribution of assets and avoid any liability on the part of the Executor/Administrator.


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