Sherlock & Co. Residential Property Solicitors offer our clients a diligent, professional and cost effective service when it comes to buying and selling property.

Upon request we can provide you with an estimate over the phone or by email.

Our estimates include all items of expenditure we foresee in your purchase/sale and aim to give you an accurate statement as to your likely expenses.

Residential Property Purchase:

The old saying “let the buyer beware” still very much applies when purchasing property and it is always important to remember that the house you buy may some day become the house you sell.
Getting things right at the time you buy your home is therefore essential.

When you choose Sherlock & Co. Solicitors to represent you in your purchase you are guaranteed that a fully qualified solicitor is handling your transaction.

Unlike many other firms, who may hand conveyancing matters over to a para legal, legal secretary or trainee, here at Sherlock & Co. you can rest assured that the most important purchase you may ever make is in the experienced and fully qualified hands of one of our property solicitors.

Residential Property Sales:

Sherlock & Co. Solicitors will do our utmost to close your sale in a timely manner.

We understand that sales may need to be moved along as quickly as possible or co-ordinated with the purchase of a new property.

In all circumstances we aim to facilitate our clients and ensure their sale is carried out in a manner that suits them best.

For a friendly quote in relation to your property purchase or sale please do not hesitate to phone or email our offices.

Clondalkin Solicitors Residential Property Sales


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Property Solicitors Clondalkin

In 1984 our property solicitor service formed the foundation of our firm in Clondalkin. Since then, we have had a significant hand in shaping the real estate landscape in Clondalkin and West Dublin.

Our Services have been utilised by clients in relation to private homes, apartments, mixed-use developments, retail shops, and office buildings.

In addition, we have effectively served clients in real estate deals both domestically and internationally.

We work closely with diverse categories of clientele, such as financial institutions, investors, businesses, tenants, home builders, lenders, creditors, commercial and non-profit organisations, public-private alliances, Pension trustees and government bodies, to effectively negotiate and close complex transactions.

We execute each transaction with full regard to the risk, rights, and commitments of our clients to ensure our clients are properly advised on all aspects of their transaction.


Please feel free to leave details if you wish and we will be in contact ASAP.