Injuries in a Trip & Fall accident can be life-threatening and you need engage professional Trip and Fall Injury Solicitors if you have had an incident. A serious and traumatic fall could lead to a lengthy stay in the hospital and/getting physical therapy for several years. Accidents of this kind can result in permanent injuries, or even death.

Hip fracture is the leading cause of injury-related deaths for people over 65. As if that weren’t bad enough, a number of these injuries are avoidable; there are frequent Trip & Fall incidents on improperly managed premises, but many are the result of neglectful owners or incompetence.

At Sherlock and Co, we realize that a fall can take a long time and be difficult to heal from, but you don’t have to struggle alone. For over 30 years, we have helped Trip & Fall victims to get the compensation they are entitled to. We understand the devastating effects of such serious accidents, and want to see people recover as quickly as possible.

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Should I hire a Trip and Fall Injury Solicitors after my accident?

Sherlock and Co will be able to thoroughly investigate the location of your trip and fall, gathering surveillance video, and questioning witnesses. Building a good argument early on would help us get you a fair compensation if you are entitled.

How can Sherlock and Co Trip and Fall Injury Solicitors help?

We have an extensive knowledge of the legal aspects of slip and fall cases, including damages and statute of limitations. We will do a thorough investigation to find out if any negligence was involved. In order to get you the compensation you may be owed in any negotiations, if necessary, we are prepared to go to court to represent your best interests.


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I’d like to hire a solicitor to represent my slip and fall claim but how much will it cost?

At Sherlock and Co, we provide an affordable service for our clients. This is because we work on a contingency basis—meaning you may not have to pay out-of-pocket. Your initial consultation is on us. Click this link for an explanation of No Win No Fee.

Why should I choose Sherlock and Co to represent my case?

Sherlock and Co are one of Ireland’s most experienced accident law firms, allowing us to use all of our expertise for each incident. Big enterprises and big companies have huge legal departments that are protected, and by hiring Sherlock and Co you would increase the chances of receiving full compensation.

We fight for each individual we represent, you will need to consult with Sherlock & Co to explore your case further.

Please feel free to leave details if you wish and we will be in contact ASAP.